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You need to have your own app built to represent your company or brand
Let Appy Clappy take care of it for you?

Appy Clappy can take care of your app-build and offers the fastest and most affordable service on the web. If you need an app to help you interact with and grow your potential client-base, then let us build your highly professional, feature-rich app... without breaking the bank.

Why You Need a Local Business App?

A local business app can help your organization in a number of ways. It is something that every small business should consider investing in.

  • Put your business at the cutting edge and get ahead of your competition
  • Gain additional exposure from the iTunes app store & Google Play Store. Attract new customers and increase your brand visibility
  • Improve the quality of service you provide to your customers by giving them new ways to contact you and more information
  • Gives you a new and more convenient way to take orders thus increasing your turnover and profits while reducing overheads
  • Create lots of new marketing and promotional opportunities with Push Notifications, Digital Loyalty Cards, Coupons and more

In short, if you don’t already have an app for your business then you are missing out. You're not reaching as many customers as you potential can and you and run the risk of being left in your competitors dust! We don't want that.

Local Business Apps
The basic option for most companies is to create a simple informational app for their local business that will provide details to new customers and help bring more visitors to their site. This will mainly consist of static pages that convey information regarding the nature of your services and products and will thus help to bring new customers as well as providing your existing customers with more information.

App Promotion
At Appy Clappy, we build beautiful and feature rich apps. But that’s not all we do! As well as creating apps, we also offer app promotion and marketing services to help you ensure that your application finds its way onto as many phones as possible. In doing so, we also drive more customers to your business and we help to gain more exposure for your brand.

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What Do Our App Services Entail

We create simple informational apps for your business with many features that add value to your business. These simple apps are cost effective and give you a way to gain a presence in the app stores and to provide your clients and customers with more information and exclusive offers without the need to spend a small fortune in the app development.

When it comes to the available features, here at Appy Clappy, we have the competition beat. We really take your app up a level and create tons of new business opportunities by providing some really powerful extra options. These include:

Amazon store support
Sell products directly from your app

Table bookings
Link in with popular 3rd Parties: Open Table, Ultraspoon & more

Push notifications
Send notifications to your audience’s devices

Appointment forms
Take appointments straight through your app

Digital loyalty cards
Reward your loyal customers & encourage more sales

Click to call/email
App users can easily get in touch with any questions or queries

Just Eat/Open Table Support
Restaurants & takeaways can take orders through own app

Social media feeds
Constantly updated your latest social media posts

And lots more!
Static pages, coupons, your blog integration and much more

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