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Why Do You Need App Promotion/Marketing Services?

At Appy Clappy, we build beautiful, feature-rich apps. But that’s not all we do! As well as creating apps, we also offer app promotion and marketing services to help you ensure that your application finds its way onto as many phones, in your target audience, as possible. In doing so, we also drive more customers to your business and we help to gain more exposure for your brand.

Why You Need App Promotion

Let's assume that you have commissioned us to build an app for your local business that lets customers learn about your business and even place orders directly, or even book an appointment.

Now you could just leave it at that and tell your customers about your app. You’d likely find that your sales automatically increased as a result – seeing as customers would find it quicker and easier to interact with you compared to your competition (and you’d have an advantage of having an app in the first place).

But imagine if you were to also do some additional promotion for your app so that people who weren’t previously customers would find it. That way you’d help more of the huge user base on iTunes and Google Play to discover your business and to see how easily they could start engaging in your content. They’d see your free app and install it to check out your business and then be instantly impressed by the crisp images of your products and maybe even a welcome video really selling the best points of your business. That way they could keep it on their phone and at their finger tips the next time they need what you offer.

Now you can engage further with your audience by offering exclusive digital coupons and digital loyalty cards!

What Does App Promotion Entail

When you order app development and promotion together from Appy Clappy you can make huge savings with an integrated strategy that will ensure your amazing app gets the maximum possible exposure.

How do we do this?

It will depend on the nature of your business and your goals but typical marketing methods include:

App store optimisation - ASO
Using the right description and app name you can increase your visibility immediately in the app stores.

App store optimisation - ASO
Using the right description and app name you can increase your visibility immediately in the app stores.

Pay per click - PPC
A PPC campaign is a ‘pay per click’ advertising campaign that can gain you exposure on social media, Google and more.

Search engine optimisation - SEO
Use search engine optimization for both your app and your app delivery pages.

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